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The Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, the League of Roma and the City Municipality of Niska Banja implement the European Union-funded project “Establishing Housing and Financial Autonomy of Roma Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons through Co-operation on Local Level of Government”.

The project is a one-year program aimed at contributing to the full social and economic inclusion of returnees under the Readmission Agreement and IDPs who have decided to remain in Serbia by promoting a sustainable concept of (re) integration of returnees and IDPs, especially Roma nationality, applying a successfully tested model of cooperation between civil society organizations, local self-government and the private sector.

The following activities will be implemented within the project:

o    Opening of a local office in Niska Banja. The main task of the office is to accessible to all potential project beneficiaries in providing information related to project activities as well as providing legal and other assistance.

o    Assessment of labour market needs in Nisava, Jablanica and Toplica districts, i.e. needs for services and manpower. – The goal is to identify at least 20 companies interested in our target group.

o    Creating a database on returnees and internally displaced persons, as well as developing social maps of Roma and internally displaced persons in the municipality of Niska Banja. The goal is to create at least 100 social cards.

o    Establishment of cooperation between Niska Banja Municipality, BFPE, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Regional Chamber of Commerce of Nis and interested companies and entrepreneurs for employment of project beneficiaries. The objective of this activity is to have at least 50 returnees and IDPs employed by the interested companies.

o    The project envisages 2 types of training: a) Occupational safety and health training, and b) The second training program will be based on the findings of an analysis of labour market needs in the Nis region. The training will be tailored to the capabilities, qualifications and skills of identified returnees and displaced persons. The objective of this activity is to have at least 110 returnees and IDPs covered by these training.

o    The specificity of this project is the engagement of returnees and internally displaced persons in the repair of their homes as well as those of other returnees and internally displaced persons. The goal is to have at least 40 returnees and IDPs engaged in house reconstruction.

o    The goal is to reconstruct at least 30 houses.

o    Local action planning – a strategic approach to addressing the problems of vulnerable groups through the development and adoption of local action plans for the advancement of the situation of Roma as well as for resolving the issues of refugees, internally displaced persons and returnees in the municipality of Niska Banja.

  • Social Inclusion
EuropeAid reference
  • LOT1
City / District
The City Municipality Niska Banja, Nisava Region, the Republic of Serbia
EU Contribution
0 €
Implementation period
June 2018 - June 2020
Returnees (persons returned to the Republic of Serbia according the Readmission Agreement) in the process of reintegration and IDPs (internally displaced persons from Kosovo) in the process of integration.
Implemented by
The Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, the League of Roma and the City Municipality of Niska Banja